Our Approach

Emerging Global Advisors (EGA) provides investors and institutions with the necessary tools to implement similar investment strategies in developing markets as they do in developed markets. EGShares, our ETF offering, enables investors to allocate not merely to, but also within, developing markets through core holding and thematic ETFs. These portfolio construction tools allow more accurate targeting of developing market investment opportunities.

Strong Research

Our research develops the investment intelligence necessary to create and often be first to market with tools that enable investment points of view to be turned into specific developing markets portfolio holdings. We focus on both well known themes and those that are on the rise. This thought process combined with themes, such as dividends and income, and those traditional analytics underpins the development of our product offering.

Modern Index Construction

In our view, broad benchmarks are often rearward looking, potentially rendering them less adequate to the task of dealing with emerging market maturation. Consequently, the developing markets exposures that investors achieve versus those they desire, may not be aligned. Our process focuses on creating both core positions and access to developing market themes, allowing more opportunity for investors to potentially exploit market trends.

We are careful to utilize indices that contain only developing markets based companies, excluding any holdings from markets defined by the International Monetary Fund as developed. Our process also identifies indices that we believe will offer long-term utility, taking into account factors such as regulatory limits on foreign ownership.

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Please review our ETF offerings to find ways to more precisely express your  investment point of view in developing markets.

Detailed information about our products, including a prospectus, is available here.